Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brushes Review

The Big G Slicker Brush by Chris Christensen is a popular choice among dog owners and groomers alike. This review is based on a comprehensive analysis of recent customer reviews from

The aim is to provide an up-to-date, unbiased and factual assessment of the product, focusing on key aspects such as ease of use, efficiency, durability, size and weight, safety, and price.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the specifics of each aspect, providing a detailed summary of customer opinions and overall rating for the product.

Big G Slicker Brushes
Product Name: Big G Slicker Brushes
Manufacturer: Chris Christensen
Overall Score: 9.62 / 10
Best Price on Amazon

Key Features

These unique features of the Big G Slicker Brush contribute to its reputation as an efficient and reliable grooming tool, which we will further evaluate based on customer reviews below.

  1. Brush Sizes: The Big G Slicker Brush comes in three different sizes to accommodate various grooming needs:
    1. Large Big G: 3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ head size, 8″ length, ideal for grooming the body.
    2. Medium Big G: 2-3/8″ x 3-3/4″ head size, 7-3/8″ length, suitable for grooming legs, columns, and poms.
    3. Baby G: 2-3/8″ x 2-3/8″ head size, 7-3/8″ length, designed for reaching hard-to-reach areas.
  2. 27mm Pin Length: The brush features long pins that are 27mm in length, allowing them to penetrate deeply into longer coats and create lift and movement.
  3. Increased Pin Count: The Big G Slicker Brush has 40% more pins compared to the Big K brushes, enabling more efficient grooming and removal of thick undercoat.
  4. Fluff and Shape Dense Coats: This brush is specifically designed for fluffing and shaping dense coats, making it an ideal tool for curly, cottony coats.
  5. Flexible Cushion Pad: The brush is equipped with a flexible cushion pad that is gentle and forgiving, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience for your pet.
  6. Extreme Curved Back: The brush features an extreme curved back, providing additional control, movement, and direction while grooming.
  7. Extra Long Ergonomic Handle: The Big G Slicker Brush is designed with an extra-long ergonomic handle, reducing hand and arm fatigue during grooming sessions.

Customer Review Analysis

The results below are from our analysis of the 102 most recent reviews on the Chris Christensen Website. 

Breeds Mentioned

The following list of breeds are mentioned in positive customer reviews.  This list is by no means complete and only represents the dataset we analyzed.

Please note that some reviews mention general terms like “doodle” or “poodle mix” without specifying the exact breed.

Breeds (from A – Z):

  1. Australian Shepherd
  2. Bernedoodle
  3. Bichon
  4. Bouvier
  5. Chow-Chow
  6. Collie
  7. Doodle (Goldendoodle, Labradoodle)
  8. Keeshond
  9. Labradoodle
  10. Maltese
  11. Newfypoo (Newfoundland Poodle mix)
  12. Poodle
  13. Pom (Pomeranian)
  14. Samoyed
  15. Schnauzer
  16. Sheepadoodle (Sheepdog Poodle mix)
  17. Shih Tzu
  18. Standard Poodle

Effectiveness: 9.8/10

Key Takeaways:

  • Many reviewers appreciated the brush’s effectiveness in removing mats and knots from their pets’ fur.
  • The brush appears to be particularly suited to breeds with thick or curly hair such as Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles.
  • The effectiveness of the brush is praised in terms of making grooming easier and reducing the frequency of professional grooming sessions.
  • Some reviewers mention the brush being less effective for short-haired breeds or breeds with soft fur.

Review Highlight:I’m blown away by how well this brush works. I didn’t believe the hype. Well, it’s ALL true. This is the best brush we’ve used. It gets down to the undercoat & makes my girl so fluffy & soft.

Review Low Light:I first purchased a brush from CC. The bristles were very soft but only got the surface knots out. Those just above his skin would remain.

Ease of Use: 9.5/10

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of users found the brush easy to use and were able to navigate it through their pets’ fur with ease.
  • Some owners mentioned that the brush is easy to handle, even when used for extended grooming sessions.
  • A few comments indicated that the brush is a bit difficult to clean between uses.
  • Some reviewers expressed a desire for a smaller version to facilitate brushing around their pets’ eyes and face.

Review Highlight:This brush is amazing! Wish I would have got it sooner. It’s so easy to use and really gives your wrists a break.

Review Low Light:Made my dogs look really fluffy and show quality. However, wish the brush was easier to clean in between use.

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Quality/Durability: 9.6/10

Key Takeaways:

  • Many customers praised the brush’s high-quality construction, particularly noting the durability of the bristles.
  • Some reviewers mentioned having used the brush for several years without any significant issues.
  • A few users commented on the brush’s durability when used on thick-coated breeds.
  • Some customers would like to see an improvement in the durability of the handle, particularly when it’s being chewed by pets.

Review Highlight:Professional groomer here and this is a must-have for anyone in the field.

Review Low Light:Easy to use and pulls most/all of the nature out. The doodle loves it so much that she chewed the handle-end!

Pet Comfort: 9.7/10

Key Takeaways:

  • The brush is generally well received by pets, and many owners reported that their pets enjoyed being brushed with this tool.
  • A few reviews noted that their pets were more willing to sit through grooming sessions with this brush compared to others.
  • There were a few concerns about the bristles potentially being too stiff and causing discomfort to the pet.

Review Highlight:This brush is worth every penny! It goes through my Doodle’s hair like butter and makes the daily brushing enjoyable for both her & myself. The wires are long but gently reach to her skin for a thorough brushing that she actually enjoys. ☺️

Review Low Light:My only concern is the bristles aren’t soft. My little g.

Value for Money: 9.5/10

Key Takeaways:

  • Most users felt that the brush offered excellent value for the money due to its effectiveness, quality, and ease of use.
  • Some customers mentioned that they saved money on professional grooming services thanks to this brush.
  • A few customers felt that the brush was a bit expensive, but were generally satisfied with its performance.

Review Highlight:I love this brush, a little expensive but well worth the money.

Review Low Light:I love this brush for my Goldendoodle! Makes grooming all her fur easy.


  • Effective in removing mats and knots from dense coats.
  • Easy to use with smooth navigation and wrist relief.
  • High-quality construction and durable bristles.
  • Well-received by pets, making grooming enjoyable.
  • Offers good value for the money.


  • Some customers found the brush a bit expensive.
  • Less effective for short-haired or soft-furred breeds.
  • Cleaning between uses can be challenging.
  • Potential discomfort due to bristle stiffness.

Overall Score – 9.62/10

The Big G Slicker Brushes by Chris Christensen have proven to be highly effective in tackling mats and knots in dense coats, particularly in breeds like Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles. With their easy-to-use design, high-quality construction, and durable bristles, these brushes offer a reliable grooming tool that both pet owners and their furry companions appreciate.

While there were some minor concerns regarding pricing, effectiveness on short-haired breeds, and brush cleaning, the overall sentiment from customers indicates that the Big G Slicker Brushes provide excellent value for the money, making grooming sessions easier, more efficient, and enjoyable.

With an average score of 9.3 out of 10, the Big G Slicker Brushes are a recommended choice for pet owners seeking a reliable and effective grooming tool.

Big G Slicker Brushes
Product Name: Big G Slicker Brushes
Manufacturer: Chris Christensen
Overall Score: 9.62 / 10
Best Price on Amazon

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