Best Slicker Brush for Poodles

Does anyone else ever feel like poodles just have this natural confidence about them, as if they know that they’re these elegant creatures that belong on the cover of some magazine in France?

No? Just me...sounds about right.

It’s no wonder poodles are often referred to as show dogs, those tight curls that come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and even colors make them a shoe-in for the gold.

Managing those locks though is an entirely different story, one filled with lots of trial and error, and often some yelping from your furry friend who may not like your brush of choice.

As an attempt to hopefully eliminate any future yelping from your fluffy playmate, I have gathered up five slicker brushes, each having their own specialty so that you can pick out a brush that your poodle will love!

Our Top 5 Picks

Happy Dogz Pro Slicker Brush
Best at removing mats and tangles
Evolution Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
Best for poodles with a thin coat
FURminator Dog Slicker Brush
Best all-around / multi-purpose use
Miracle Coat Slicker Brush
Best for a double layer coat

GoPets Professional Slicker Brush

Best for poodles with a medium-long coat

GoPets Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats Self-Cleaning Grooming Comb for Dematting Detangling & Deshedding

As if the adorable orange, soft grip handle wasn’t enough of a reason to buy this product, maybe the ability for the brush to work on nearly every type of poodle will better convince you.

The GoPets Professional Slicker Brush contains dozens of bristles with little distance between them, making it a great product for detangling and deshedding.

Although best for dogs with a medium-long coat, the brush works on poodles with short hair, thick hair, and fine hair as well.

The angled bristles are comfortable so long as you remember to press gently, your dog will let you know otherwise!


The easy clean up button on the back of the handle retracts the bristles, allowing you to easily pull off the wad of fur left behind and discard of it.


A few users noted that the bristles were too sharp for their short haired dog, but this could have very well been due to the amount of pressure being used by the owner so just be aware.

Happy Dogz Pro Slicker Brush

Best for removing mats and tangles from fur

Slicker Dog Brush for Shedding Short Hair & Long Hair - Cat Brush & Dog Grooming Supplies, Deshedding for Single or Double Coated Dogs & Cats - Undercoat Rake for Your Pet

What’s with all these dog brushes having colorful, comfortable handles...why don’t my brushes have that?

The Happy Dogz Pro Slicker Brush, outside of just being cute, is a great option for poodles that are prone to mats and tangles, such as thick haired or extra curly-haired ones.

The thin, metal bristles are surprisingly gentle on the skin and long enough to reach that underlayer coat in certain dogs.

Not only does this brush work well on standard poodles, but also Poodle mixes such as Labradoodles and even miniature poodles.


After reading way too many pages of Amazon reviews, the overall consensus is a love for the soft bristles that make their fussy dogs want to be brushed!

Many poodle owners felt the width of the brush was the perfect size for large and small dogs, and the bristles were gentle enough to brush sensitive areas such as the legs, hips, behind the ears, and even the belly!


The only downside mentioned was that the brush could be a little difficult to clean due to the bristles not being retractable.

Evolution Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best for poodles with a thin coat

Evolution Self-Cleaning Slicker, Medium Large

Coming in three sizes (x-small, small-medium, medium-large), the Evolution Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a great option for poodles with a thinner coat that requires less maintenance.

The ball-tipped metal bristles are gentle on your dog’s skin, while the short length of the bristles is ideal for getting into your dog’s undercoat without causing any unnecessary pulling.

The tight bristles make it easy to get through knots and mats in your dog’s fur with just a few short strokes as well.


Many users appreciated that the brush was gentle on their dog's thin coat, as thin coats are often closer to the skin than thicker coats, so a brush with soft bristles is required and preferred.


The bristles are not angled, which makes it a little more difficult for the brush to grab onto the loose fur.

FURminator Dog Slicker Brush

Best for multi-purpose use

FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush, Dog, Large,Green with black handle

Dog owners whose poodles have thick, curly fur will fall in love with the FURminator Dog Slicker Brush.

Intended for use with larger dogs that have curly coats, such as the standard poodle, the brush has comfortable bristles that aid in fluffing your dog’s fur.

The flexible, angled bristles reach deep into your dog’s fur, gently ridding the layers of any mats that may have occurred over the past...well...24 hours.

The FURminator slicker brush also comes in two sizes, making it suitable for both small and large poodles.


The brush is two sided, one side being a slicker brush, the other side being a standard brush. This dual combination allows owners first to focus on detangling the mats in their dog’s curly fur, and then following that up by using the regular brush to smooth and fluff!


A few users found that the FURminator is not ideal for dogs with a thin coat, even if it is curly as the bristles were again just too long, causing pulling on the fur when detangling mats.

Miracle Coat Slicker Brush

Best for poodles with a double layer coat

Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush, Large, black

The Miracle Coat Slicker Brush is an ideal candidate for large or small poodles that have a thick, double layer coat.

These types of poodles require a brush with bristles that are long enough to reach that under layer coat, pulling out any shedding fur and gently breaking apart those hard to reach mats and tangles.

Your fluffy friend will greatly appreciate the soft, flexible bristles on this slicker brush as this helps reduce the chance of painful scratches and keeps them comfortable during grooming sessions.


The brush effectively removes mats, burrs and tangles from double-layer coats with little effort and the bristles don’t seem to cause the dogs any pain. The ability to reach deep into the coat and pull up fur that has been shed was also appreciated by dog owners, as this prevented future mats and tangles from forming.


If you have a thin coat poodle, this brush is not going to be your best choice. Users with this type of poodle felt the bristles were too long, making it harder for the bristles to grab onto any loose fur. A few users also felt that the bristles were too sharp for their thin-coated dog, especially around the bonier areas like the hips and legs.

Why are slicker brushes best for poodles?

Slicker brushes are known for their small bristles that are close together across an often fairly wide surface. The bristles are usually soft, and some even have small, round balls at the end of them to further protect your dog’s skin from painful scratches.

The bristles being close together allow for easy detangling and removal of large or small mats, which are an everyday occurrence in poodles, especially standard poodles with excessively curly fur.

Dog owners who have a poodle, or a poodle mix, often find that slicker brushes work best on their fluffy friend compared to other brush styles, claiming that slicker brush is kind of like the all in one tool. Slicker brushes are also known for their ability to naturally fluff out your dog’s fur without any added effort, eliminating the need to buy a different brush for this purpose.

Which brushes pair well with the slicker brush?

Some people prefer to use a variety of brushes on their poodle; this is especially common in poodle’s who appear in show competitions. If you feel that the slicker brush just isn’t doing the job by itself, I recommend pairing it with a pin brush or a rake brush.

Pin brushes are best used for retrieving shed fur from layers down. Most people don’t know that poodles actually shed quite a lot, but that shed fur doesn’t fall off, often due to the surrounding fur being so thick and curly that the shed fur just kind of gets stuck.

Using a pin brush will help get into those layers and remove the shed fur, preventing mats or tangles from forming. This brush is best used as a finisher though and not as a tool for breaking up mats.

Rake brushes, which resemble the look of a dual row razor, are great for poodles that have a double layer coat. The brush is designed to reach down to the bottom layer of fur, grabbing onto to the shed fur that is nearest to the skin.

Using this brush often prevents tangles deep in the fur that are very difficult, and often very painful, to remove. This tool is also great for separating the layers of fur and getting a better look at your poodle’s skin, checking for any infection, bugs, etc.

Slicker brush in use...

The video below demonstrated proper technique for using a slicker brush so that your poodle is not matting.

Buying For a Show Poodle

If you’re interested in entering your poodle into a competition, then your buying needs will be a little bit different than the needs of someone just looking to take care of their pets coat.

Show dogs require an extensive amount of care, as their coat is often the primary focus in competitions. Owners looking to enter their dog into a show require several grooming brushes, the best options being a slicker brush for deshedding, a rake brush for insuring your dog's skin is free of any infection or bugs from playing outside, and even a “fluffer” brush.

A “fluffer” brush is the tool used on most curly haired poodles or just poodles with a generally thick/fluffy coat. The tool resembles an afro comb that would be used on human hair and is best for final touches before your dog hits the stage.

When deciding on a slicker brush for your poodle, remember to consider the length of their fur, the thickness of their fur, and whether they have curly or fluffy fur (yup, there’s a difference).

Poodles with long, curly fur require a slicker brush with longer bristles, while poodles with short but thick fluffy fur require a brush with short, close together bristles.

The brush you buy should be able to remove mats and tangles with ease, especially when those mats are deep in the layers of your poodle's fur. Remember to use gentle pressure when brushing your poodle to avoid causing any pain or scratching. So long as you purchase a brush that is designed for your poodle’s specific needs, I assure you, he/she will be ready for their close up!

Slicker Brush vs. Pin Brush

Slicker Brush vs. Pin Brush: What's the Difference?

Slicker Brushes and Pin Brushes can be used hand in hand, but sometimes, a different job requires a particular brush.

Today I’m going to give you a little information about each type of brush and then we can compare each brush and decide which is best for your pet.

The Main Purpose of a Slicker Brush

A Slicker Brush has the primary purpose of getting rid of any debris, loose hair and mats/ knots in the fur. It is highly effective at penetrating deep into the coat and removing malted hair and skin.

This brush is mainly used for thick or curly haired dogs- as they require a more rigorous grooming routine.

The Main Purpose of a Pin Brush

Pin brushes are often wooden brushes with wire pins that have a protective ball at the end to prevent scratching the skin.

They are usually recommended for show dogs- who have long fur coats, as this brush has a wider gap between bristles and allows thorough brushing without damaging the coat or causing a static charge.

Comparison Chart

Pet Trouper Grooming De-shedding Slicker Brush
Pin Brush


Slicker Brush

Pin Brush

Dog Size

All Sizes

All Sizes

Short Coat

Long Coat

Removing Tangles


Massaging to Skin

Can Use on Cats

Dog Size

Firstly, as you can see, these brushes can both be used for all sizes of dog and cats.

This is because most brands will make a few different sizes of brush, with the various lengths of bristles to suit variation in animal size.

Dog Breed​

Dog breed is a significant factor when it comes to choosing the right grooming tool- this is because dogs come in all shapes, sizes and hair types.

Slicker Brush

slicker brush is typically used on dogs with wiry or thick hair and most of the time on those with double coats. 

The best breeds to use a Slicker brush on are:

  • Siberian Husky
  • Newfoundland
  • Golden Retriever
  • Spaniels
  • West Highland Terriers

Pin Brush

As for the pin brush – because this is much more gentle and doesn’t cause a lot of static, it’s best to use this one for on show dogs and those with coats that can quickly become frizzy after brushing. 

The pin brush leaves hair looking glossy and shiny, without aerating it too much.

The best breeds to use the pin brush on are:

  • Poodles
  • Afghan Hounds
  • Schnauzers
  • Setters
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Bichon Frise

Short Coat & Long Coat

The slicker brush is designed with long, tightly packed pins which can penetrate deep into the undercoat and remove any matted hair or skin.

It also means that this brush is ideal for detangling knots and mats from the hair, therefore, suitable for animals with longer hair.

Due to its long, wire bristles - it is not designed for those with shorter hair as it may be more irritating to the skin.

As a pin brush comes in different lengths and has wider spaced pins, this makes it a great option for use on all lengths of hair.

Massaging Qualities

Because a slicker brush is made with long pins designed to penetrate deep into the fur coat and dig out debris, it reaches the skin and is an effective in massaging your cat or dog.

Massaging the skin this way increases circulation and kick starts the production of essential oils, which then moisturize the fur to keep it glossy and healthy.

A pin brush is not designed in this way, as it is used as more of a top coat brush - it does not penetrate deep enough to massage the skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Slicker Brush


  • Great at getting rid of knot and tangles
  • Can be used on both dogs and cats
  • Helps to keep hair in good condition


  • Wires can be uncomfortable and scratch if not carfeul
  • Can be more likely to cause split ends and damage

Pin Brush


  • Gentle on hair, less likely to cause damage
  • Wider gap between bristles means less chance of creating a static
  • Protective balls on bristles massage the skin and help to redistribute oils through the coat


  • Not as effective in detangling the coat
  • Need to be often replaced due to wearing down of rubber balls on the bristles

Summing it All Up...

Although at face value it may not seem that there is any difference in which brush you buy for your pet, this shows that in fact there can be a range of factors which cause you to use one or the other.

Below is a summary of when you should use either the slicker or the pin brush.

Slicker Brush

The best time to use a Slicker brush is if you have a pet with a thick, wiry coat that requires more detangling.  Typically used for pets with a double coat- because this brush is the best one for getting rid of matted hair and skin.  This brush is the best for untangling knots and mats- as the bristles penetrate deep into the coat.  It is best to use this brush on slightly damp hair, while it’s drying, to minimize any damage and static charge in the hair.


Funny Bonez Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best All-Around Universal Slicker Brush

Funny Bonez Pro Quality Dog and Cat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush - Grooming Comb Reduces Shedding and is Comfortable for Your Pet's Skin - Easy To Use Self Cleaning Design Makes Clean Up Simple

  • Easily removes knots, mats, and tangles
  • self-cleaning design
  • Gently brushes out unwanted hair without harming your pet

Also be sure to check out our top recommendations below:

Pin Brush

A wire pin brush should be used on dogs with long, thick or curly coats – that need a high level of maintenance but also need to be kept looking glossy and not frizzy/static-y. A poodle is a good example of this.  As the bristles have a wider gap between them, it makes it much less likely to pull on the hair follicles and cause damage to the coat.  This isn’t as widely used for detangling, this is more as a top coat brush- which can smooth out the coat and leave it looking healthy and glossy.


Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats by GoPets Grooming Comb Cleans Pets Shedding & Dirt for Short Medium or Long Hair
  • Good for short, medium or long hair
  • bristle side easily knocks off loose hair & dirt
  •  the pin brush side gets a beautifully groomed coat
  • 100% Unconditional Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Hopefully, this information will be able to help you make a more informed decision about which type of brush is best to use on your pet.

Best Slicker Brush for Dogs (For All Sizes, Coats & Breeds)

Grooming your dog is an important part of what keeps them healthy and happy. A slicker brush is one of the most popular grooming tools as it gets rid of dirt, dead skin and hair – quickly and easily.

But with so many of these brushes on the market claiming to be the best: we need to delve a little deeper to work out which is the best for your dog.

Below I have lined up a few different categories and matched the best slicker brush to that group. After reading this article, you will know exactly which brush you need to be using on your dog.

Best Slicker Brush Large Dogs

Larger dogs, especially those with thick coats such as a Newfoundland, need a significant amount of maintenance and grooming to keep a healthy, shiny coat of fur.

Slicker Dog Cat Grooming Brush - NO.1 for Deshedding Detangling and Dematting Small, Medium and Large Short to Long Hair Pets. Cut Shedding, Massage and Stimulate Healthy Coats.

This slicker brush is most certainly our top pick for large breeds of dog. An excellent choice for animals with long, thick hair and undercoats, which malt often.

With a flat head and balls on the end of the brush to protect the skin, this brush is ideal for larger breeds- short or long coat. As the pins on this brush are spaced out a little, it makes it perfect for the removal of small tangles and knots.

Made of bamboo, this is a heavy duty and well-lasting brush, which is durable for frequent use.

The ball on the end of the wire bristles gently massage the skin and increase circulation, leading to the production of essential oils to nourish the skin and your pet’s furry coat.

Works Great on these Breeds:

  • Siberian Husky
  • Golden Retriever
  • St Bernard
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Newfoundland
  • Great Dane
  • Bull Mastiff

If you’re shopping around, you can’t go wrong with these other two other options. Just because they weren’t our top pick doesn’t mean they won’t work great. Just visit the links to find out more about each one.

Best Slicker Brush Long Haired Dogs

Dogs who have long, thick or curly coats need regular maintenance and grooming on their coats to keep it healthy and free from tangles. It is important to invest in a more heavy-duty brush, which will be able to penetrate deep into the coat and remove any excess hair, dirt and mats.

Safari Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Our Top Pick for Long Haired Dogs

Coastal Pet Safari Dog Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - Dog Deshedding Brush - Prevents Mats and Tangled Hair - For Dogs with Short or Long Hair - Medium - 4.25' x 4.06'

This brush is ideal for those of you with long, thick and curly haired pets who need grooming every day. With its self-cleaning power, this brush is an excellent choice for saving time and effort trying to remove large amounts of hair with its retractable wire pins.

With its closely packed bristles, it is an ideal brush to use on those with double coats or thick undercoats. Ideal for removing tangles and mats, this brush is the best option for long haired dogs.

Works Great on these Breeds:

  • Collie
  • German Sheppard
  • Setter
  • Spaniel
  • Terriers (such as a west highland terrier)

The longhaired category is filled with many options. If you are shopping around, you might want to check some of the options listed below…

WATCH: This video contains some tips on what to look for when buying a slicker brush for long haired dogs

Best Slicker Brush for Small Dogs

Smaller framed dogs are more fragile than larger breeds, and whether the hair is long or short- there needs to be a flat, small head used for these animals to prevent discomfort or injury.

Chris Christensen Mark I Slicker Brush, Groom Like a Professinal, Stainless Steel Pins, Lightweight Beech Wood Body, Ground and Polished Tips, Extra Small

Due to its compact, easy to hold size- this brush is the best choice for smaller dogs.

The metal pins are rounded at the end of this brush- leading to a gentler feel on the skin. With this feature, it is ideal for dogs with problematic or sensitive skin. It is designed not to damage the skin or pull hair when brushing, so is ideal for dogs like a miniature poodle who has thick, curly hair that tangles easily.

As a bonus, for the feline friends in your house – this brush will work great as a cat slicker brush.  This can potentially be a money saver for you since you will only have to buy one brush for all your pets.

Again, this brush is made of wood- so is more durable and not prone to snapping like its plastic counterparts.

Works Great on these Breeds:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Pug
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Bichon Frise

If you are shopping around, you might be interested in these brushes below, which also work well for small dogs.

Best Slicker Brush for Short Haired Dogs

For this category of low maintenance dog, a slicker brush with a flat head would be the best choice as it is gentler on the skin.

WPS Dog Grooming Slicker Brush

Our Top Pick for Short Haired Dogs

Airline Approved Pet Carrier with Wheels for Small Dogs and Cats - Removable Fleece Bed, Soft Sided, Mesh Windows Leash Clip, Handle, Carrying Strap (Brush)

With bent bristles and a small head, this brush is perfect for pets with shorter, finer fur. It is gentle on the skin and the bent bristles massage skin to improve circulation and drive the production of oils to moisturize the skin and coat.

With closely packed bristles, this brush is good for getting rid of excess hair and dead skin from the fur, while distributing natural oils through the hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

It does an effective job of managing fleas and tics on your pet’s skin too.

Works Great on these Breeds:

  • British Bulldog
  • Boxer
  • Labrador
  • Beagle
  • Pointer
  • Weimaraner

Though, not our top pick, these brushes all make great options for short-haired Dogs…

Best Slicker Brush for Puppies

Whether they are large or small; have long hair or short, it is important to use a more gentle slicker brush for a puppy. The best kind of brushes to use is those with flat heads and plastic balls on the end of the bristles, as this will prevent the wire from scratching your puppy’s skin.

Petmate GripSoft Cat Brush, White/ Blue, One Size

Although it may seem a little strange at first to include a cat slicker brush in this article, it does make sense. Puppies are small, fragile and have very soft fur, just like our feline friends. Therefore, this brush is the obvious choice for puppies.

With a flat head and coated bristles, this brush is very gentle and massaging, helping your pet to get used to being groomed the right way, and not finding the process uncomfortable and scratchy.

The small head makes for easy grooming, with the handle easy to grip and rotate to different parts of the body. It is certainly the best choice for your furry baby.

Some other great options for those looking to shop around…

Best Curved Slicker Brush (Universal Slickers)

Curved Slicker brushes are known as ‘Universal Slickers’ whereas flat ones are known as gentle slickers. Having a curved head serves to open up the space between each of the wire bristles, allowing them to reach deeper into the coat.

These brushes are much better for when you’ve got a collie or a heavy-coated pet. A flat slicker won’t penetrate deep enough into the fur coat to dig out the tangles and mats.

It is important to note that this brush needs to be used gently, if a heavy handed approach is used, it will scratch your dog’s skin.

Funny Bonez Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Our Top Pick for Curved Slicker Brushes

Funny Bonez Pro Quality Dog and Cat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush - Grooming Comb Reduces Shedding and is Comfortable for Your Pet's Skin - Easy To Use Self Cleaning Design Makes Clean Up Simple

Curved brushes, as said above, are mostly used on high maintenance dog breeds, who need grooming every day.

This brush is the perfect size to meet all breeds of dog (and cat) and is great at penetrating deep into the coat and digging out any dirt and excess hair.

This brush has fairly closely spaced wire bristles, which means that the job of getting rid of any tangles and knots is made much easier.

As well as this, it helps in the distribution of natural oils through the strands to leave the coat healthy and shiny.

This is also a self-cleaning brush, which is perfect for high maintenance pets and saves a lot of time with tidying up. With one press of a button, the pins retract and hair can be removed in one swift motion.

Works Great on these Breeds:

  • Afghan Hound
  • Chow Chow
  • Siberian Husky
  • Poodle
  • Old English Sheepdog

Other options for curved Slicker Brushes:


Hopefully this article will have provided you with some much needed information about the different types of slicker brush on the market and how to spot the right on for your pet.

Best Slicker Brush for Cats

Cats are basically just small, fluffy, sassy, shed-prone animals that need a little more TLC than the average pet.

Their roll-around, playful nature makes them prone to constant mats, knots, and tangles that are painful and often difficult to manage if you don’t have the right tool(s).

Whether you have a long-haired cat, a short-haired cat, a hairless cat - well maybe not a hairless cat considering those don’t actually shed - basically if your cat has fur he/she is going to shed.

Unfortunately, that shed fur is going to get tangled with the new fur and cause mats, which cause pain, which leads to a very grumpy play mate.

So, to avoid having an unhappy cat around, you need a slicker brush that is going to aid in shedding and keep your cat's coat healthy.

Keeping in mind that each cat is different, and certain brushes will work better certain types of cats, here are a few brands of slicker brushes for you to choose from to help keep your cat’s coat healthy.

Our Top 5 Picks

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
Best for long haired cats
Bark Outfitters Cat Slicker Brush
Best at reaching undercoat
The Pet Portal Pro Cleaning Slicker Brush
Best for cats with sensitive skin
Pet Trouper Grooming, Deshedding Slicker Brush
Best for removing mats and tangles
Safari Cat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
Best for small cats with thick fur

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best for long haired cats

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs, Cats - The Ultimate Dog Brush for Shedding Hair, Fur - Comb for Grooming Long Haired & Short Haired Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & More, Deshedding Tool, Cat Brush

For anyone who owns a long-haired cat such as a Himalayan or Main Coon, there’s a good chance you’re going to love this brush.

First of all, the purple color, adorable! I just had to put that in here.

Second, of all, the Hertzko Slicker Brush has a wide surface with dozens of thin, metal bristles designed to reach into the undercoat of your cat’s fur, pulling up all of the shed hair that is trapped near the skin.

The distance between each bristle is minimal, making it an ideal brush for gently removing mats and tangles in your cat’s coat.

The Hertzko slicker brush works best on long haired cats, as the bristles are fairly long, but can be used on short-haired cats as long as you remain gentle and aware of your pet’s reaction to the bristles.

As a bonus, this brush is self-cleaning, meaning the bristles on the base retract with the push of a button, dropping a wad of fur to the ground for each disposal!


Cats can be incredibly difficult to brush as they are designed to do so themselves and sometimes don’t appreciate the help you are offering, but most users found that their cat enjoyed being brushed when this was the product being used. Some users even stated that their cat fell asleep during a grooming session, assuming this means that their cat was relaxed enough to do so, I’d call that a win!


Several owners of short haired cats felt that the length of the bristles was too long for their cat to be comfortable, stating that the distance between the base of the brush and their pet's fur was too far apart to gently break up the mats they came across, causing their furry friend some unnecessary pain.

barkOutfitters Cat Slicker Brush

Best for reaching the undercoat

barkOutfitters Cat Slicker Brush, Quick Self-Cleaning Pro Quality Grooming Comb for Cats

Nobody ever said that grooming their cats was a walk in the park, and it’s not, by any means. However, the Bark Outfitters Slicker Brush for cats gets you as close to that park as you’re probably ever going to get.

The self-cleaning retractable brush is made up of a large base, and thin bristles that are pretty soft for a slicker brush.

The brush is geared towards cats with thick undercoats, gently removing the mats and burrs that are trapped there without causing harm to your pet.

On top of that, the company claims a 5-year guarantee on the product, meaning that the brush will give you a strong five years before the bristles really start wearing away, that’s pretty damn good if you ask me.

What We Love

While the brush works well on cats with long, short, thin and thick fur, the overall consensus for best feature is actually how easy it is to remove mats with this brush. Nearly every user with a long haired cat felt that the brush easily removed mats that were deep down, close to the skin, with little tugging or pain for their cat.


The size of the brush is fairly large for most cats, still completely useable, but using the brush on smaller areas like the head and legs proved to be more of a pain than anything else.

The Pet Portal Pro Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best for cats with sensitive skin

The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Dog Brush for Shedding Slicker Brush Cat Long Haired Pet Brush Grooming Deshedding Supplies - Small Pets

The reason we labeled the Pet Portal slicker brush “best for cats with sensitive skin” is due to the metal bristles being both angled and flexible, a potent combination when applied your pet's sensitive skin.

The angled bristles prevent direct contact between the tip of the bristles and your cat’s skin, which can often be painful to your pet.

While this brush is great for that purpose alone, it’s design also makes it a fitting candidate for cats with a thick undercoat. Regardless of the length of your cat's fur, the design of this slicker brush ensures a gentle grooming that not only removes tangles, dirt, and mats but also feels like a massage on your cat’s tender skin.

If you happen to have a fairly large house cat, I recommend you opt for the medium-large size since the small seems to work best on cats the size of a chihuahua!

What We Love

The brush drastically reduces shedding and helps prevent large fur balls that result from your cat's personal daily grooming session. Less cat puke on your favorite rug!


Owner’s of short haired cats found that bristles were just a bit too long for their pet, preventing them from effectively pulling up dirt and mats from the undercoat. However, this could very well be due to the specific length of their cat's fur, it takes trial and error.

Pet Trouper Grooming, Deshedding Slicker Brush

Best for removing mats and tangles

Slicker Dog Cat Grooming Brush - NO.1 for Deshedding Detangling and Dematting Small, Medium and Large Short to Long Hair Pets. Cut Shedding, Massage and Stimulate Healthy Coats.

If you have a young cat or just a playful cat in general, then mats and knots are likely a daily occurrence, and if you have a cat that also sheds a lot, then you need this brush.

With the Pet Trooper's small round balls at the tip of each bristle, you can go right up to the skin of your cat without causing any pain. This allows you to go deep into the undercoat and find those mats and knots that you likely didn’t even know were there because they are much harder to feel just by petting.

The flexible bristles are designed to reduce shedding by a whopping 90%, making it a great tool if you have family members or friends with allergies to cat fur.

The company’s 100% satisfaction, the life-long money back guarantee doesn’t hurt either!

What We Love

The flexible bristles make brushing through mats simple and painless with no excessive pulling or tugging required, leaving your cat's fur soft and silky after just a few minutes.


The bristles are not angled, making it a little bit harder for loose hair to catch on the bristles for removal.

Safari Cat Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best for small cats with thick fur

Coastal Pet Safari - Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush - Cat Grooming Supplies

When considering a brush for your small cat, or even your new kitten, the Safari Cat Slicker Brush needs to be on your list!

One of the harder aspects about brushing a cat is often taking care of the smaller, bonier areas such as the head, legs, and hips. The Safari Cat Brush makes that difficulty virtually nonexistent due to its small base size and gentle bristles, which are also angled, allowing for optimal deshedding even in the thickest of coats.

The bristles, which are also retractable, catch onto mats quickly and gently breaks them up with ease.

What We Love

The size of the brush is ideal for anyone with a kitten or small cat and the flexible bristles follow the shape of your cat’s body, grabbing onto all of the loose furs with just one sweep.


Several users felt the bristles were a bit too harsh for their cat's tender skin, so if your pet has skin sensitivities, you may want to consider one of the other options.

Control Cat Shedding with Diet

Before you get concerned about how much fur is coming off of your cat, remember that shedding is a completely normal, 100% healthy part of your cat's daily life.

There are ways to control that shedding, though.

Consider looking into your cat’s diet; there are many brands of cat food that are difficult to digest, which prevents the nutrients from effectively reaching the cells of your pet's coat, often causing unhealthy skin and an abundance of shedding.

Reach out to your local vet and ask what cat food brands are best for your cat if you aren’t sure yourself.

Why Use a Slicker Brush on Your Cat?

The most common way to control shedding is by grooming your cat once per day with a slicker brush.

Slicker brushes are designed to catch loose fur and gently remove it before it gets tangled up in the new layers of fur, preventing mats and knots from forming.

Now, there is a good chance mats are going to form on occasion regardless, if this happens, you’ll have to carefully remove them, which we'll cover in the next section.

Removing Mats and Tangles with a Slicker Brush

Not only do mats and tangles look unattractive, but they are also painful to your cat the longer they sit there, trapped in the fur. Mats are more often than not the result of shed fur that gets trapped in a thicker coat, intertwining with new fur, causing knots and tangles that just keep growing until they are finally broken apart.

Long haired cats, in particular, are more prone to mats and knots than short-haired cats, but all mats can be broken up with the help of a quality slicker brush.

The Process

When brushing your fluffy friend, go slow and pay attention to how easily the brush is going through your cat’s fur.

When you come across a mat, DO NOT pull through it as this will do nothing but hurt your cat.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is place your hand above the mat to hold down the skin and prevent excessive pulling.
  2. Now, with your slicker brush, preferably one with bristles that are close together, gently start brushing through the mat, working from the top layer down, this will help break the mat up as you go instead of tackling the whole thing at once. Remember to be patient, it may take some time to break the mat apart depending on its size, but you will get there.
  3. When you have gotten the mat out, brush over the area gently to make sure there are no subtle bumps left.

If for some reason it seems like you just can’t get the entire mat out, call your local groomer and ask them what they recommend you do next.

Often they will have you bring your cat in to have the mat cut out, but don’t attempt this yourself, let a trained professional handle it!

Here's a video for the more visual learners out there.

The Verdict

There are so many brands of slicker brushes out there, you just need to dig a little bit and find the brush that is best for your pet's specific features.

For example, long-haired cats require a slicker brush with longer bristles, and the opposite goes for short haired cats. Thick haired cats benefit from angled bristles, while thin haired cats can go either way.

Remember to be gentle when grooming your pet, especially when you come across tough mats, as pulling too hard or putting too much pressure on the brush could hurt him/her, resulting in fear of the brush and then you’re just back to square one.

Take a look at the five slicker brushes mentioned above, keeping your pet's specific features and problem areas in mind, and remember that not every cat is going to like the same thing, but I guarantee you will find a brush that will not only remove shedding fur, mats, and knots but also have your favorite playmate purring with satisfaction.